About Us


Cases Done Right specializes in marketing to plaintiffs with various claim types, from Motor Vehicle Accidents all the way to Mesothelioma.

With years of experience we have mastered low cost high conversion marketing allowing your firm to scale as fast as you'd like!

Practice Areas


Mass Tort

CDR is an expert in locating plaintiffs who’ve been impacted by a large company wrong doing.


Motor Vehicle Accident

CDR is an expert in locating plaintiffs who’ve been injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident at the cause of someone else.


Personal Injury

CDR specializes in locating parties who’ve been subject to medical malpractice, slip and fall, dog bites and many more types of injuries.


Asbestos Claims

CDR specializes in locating and signing clients who’ve been impacted by asbestos and have developed mesothelioma.


Abuse Claims

Whether it’s religious, elderly or another form of abuse, CDR specializes in locating the clients that need help!



CDR know's how to locate clients who qualify for disability and may be entitled to substantial back pay.

Why Us?

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - Your satisfaction is our number 1 priority and as such we won’t stop working until you’re satisfied!
  • Seamless Integration – We have the ability to integrate into any system your law firm may utilize to track cases and signed clients.
  • Call Center Back End – We have the staff to handle intaking cases for law firms that don’t have the staff to handle it.
  • Compliance – CDR knows the regulatory environment for attorneys and works to ensure no Bar violations are even a possibility for one of our clients.